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Welcome to Karen's Kreations.  You will find a large variety of handmade soaps made with only natural ingredients.  Available soaps change constantly as I make different batches and sell out on others.  I began this part-time business simply as a hobby that grew - I am a hobbyist at heart.  All of my soaps are made with 100% vegetable oils (except the soaps listed under Tallow) and contain no animal products.  My soaps are made with no fillers or detergents, leaving in all of the natural glycerin  which is one of the reasons it is so good for you ... it moisturizes and softens ... goodbye to itchy, irritated dry skin after your bath or shower!

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My soaps are colored with only natural herbs and pigments and contain no artificial dyes or colorants.  Scents are very important to our mood and
stress reduction therefore, I have selected scents that are soothing and
leave you feeling refeshed.  The fragrance oils are completely skin safe. 

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The cost for my soaps are $1.25/ounce and because each bar is handcut sizes
may vary slightly from bar to bar.  The average cost per bar is $3.00 -$4.00 .
  See the print order or catalog page for more detailed costs on an item.

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My site is not secure so please email me your order at or you may choose to print the order form and mail or fax it to me at:

                               Karen's Kreations
                                       Box 37
                                       Ste. Rose du Lac, MB  R0L 1S0
                               FAX :  (204) 447-2746



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Last updated: February 23, 2001

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